Trọn bộ giáo trình cao cấp solidworks world 2013

SolidWorks World 2013-SolidSQUAD | 3.14 Gb
SolidWorks World 2013 | 31.4 Gb

Nếu ai đã từng học qua solidworks world 2012 sẽ thấy được lượng thông tin đồ sộ của các bộ tài liệu này. CHỉ cần lĩnh hội được 1 phần nhỏ của tài liệu là bạn đã trở thành chuyên gia về phần mềm solidworks. Bộ hướng dẫn này dùng cho trình độ cao cấp, dùng cho những ai muôn luyện thi chứng chỉ solidworks quốc tế hoặc muốn đầu quân vào các công ty thiết kế lớn, muốn trở thành giảng viên dạy phần mềm solidworks.

Trọn bộ gồm 10 DVD chỉ với 280K.

Nội dung của bộ đĩa:

  • Aaron Kelly – A Deep-Dive Session into the Benefits of the DraftSight Premium Pack
  • Adam Green – Configure Your SolidWorks Models on the Web
  • Andreu Fernandez – In-Place Sheet Metal Modelling
  • Andrew Gross – Simplifying Complex Simulations Using Virtual Materials and Connectors
  • Andrew Hall – Utilizing Mold Tools and Other Techniques for Better Mold Design
  • Andrew Lidstone – A Comprehensive Guide to Managing Custom File Properties
  • Arnav Mukherjee – Animation and Motion Analysis — Why What How
  • Arnav Mukherjee – Assembling for Motion Simulation
  • Ben Arciniega – Using In-Context Relations to Automate your Design
  • Bill Briggs – Managing SolidWorks and Enterprise PDM Upgrades
  • Bill Dziedzic – SolidWorks Flow Simulation — Concepts Tips and Tricks
  • Bill Dziedzic – Your First Steps with SolidWorks Flow Simulation
  • Blake Reeves – Introduction to SolidWorks Costing
  • Blake Reeves – Introduction to SolidWorks Costing 2
  • Bob Diaz – Say It Record It Post It
  • Brad Williamson – Digital Photos Are for Vacation Not Product Manuals
  • Brian Harrison – SolidWorks and Hardware – Find out What Really Matters and What Doesnt
  • Brian Lindahl – Effective Use of the Hole Wizard
  • Brian Reel – 3DVIA Composer Its As Easy As Putting Together LEGO®s
  • Bryan Pawlak – Admin Image for Everything — A One-Click Install
  • Bryan Young – Selecting the Best Workstation Configuration for SolidWorks
  • Caroline Marecaux – DraftSight(R) Settings Profiles Installation and Troubleshooting Methods
  • Chad Garrish – Cloud-hosted EPDM Solution Solves Need for Global Collaboration
  • Charles Culp – Building or Specifying Computers for SolidWorks
  • Charles Culp – Surfacing Walk-Thru
  • Christopher Castle – SolidWorks Celebrity User QA Panel
  • Christopher Garcia – Complete 3D Model-based Definition without 2D Drawings
  • Christopher Garcia – Eliminating 2D Drawings with SolidWorks 3D MBD Data and Free View Formats
  • Christopher Narveson – 3DVIA Composer at CSI How We Broke through the Implementation Barriers
  • Christopher Narveson – Evaluating Component Cost Reduction Options Using SolidWorks Simulation
  • Cliff Medling – Create Better Assembly Instructions
  • Cody Armstrong – Automating Weldments with API
  • Craig Therrien – SolidWorks Costing Automated Cost Estimation in SolidWorks
  • Cristian Fustos – Design Automation without API
  • Crystal Yazvac – Patterns Patterns Patterns
  • Dan Hofstetter – Confined Space Ventilation Modeling Using SolidWorks Flow Simulation
  • Daniel Seaman – Features and Capabilities of the SolidWorks Costing API
  • David Urasky – Non-traditional Techniques for Teaching SolidWorks
  • David Woodruff – FlatCaddy Meets Flow Simulation
  • Dean Kerste – CSWA and CSWP Certifications in the Classroom
  • Delphine Genouvrier – Not Too Hot Not Too Cold Just Right. Overview of Thermal Management
  • Derrick Franklin – SolidWorks Enterprise PDM Dispatch
  • Dinesh Dhamija – 2D and 3D Design Automation with SolidWorks and Product Configuration
  • Ditmars Veinbachs – Sketches — To Fully Define or Not to Fully Define
  • Don VanZile – Utilizing Envelopes for Assemblies andor Collaboration
  • Don VanZile – Weldments — A to Z
  • Drew Adams – Springs n Things — Tips and Tricks for Common Mechanical Components
  • Drew Adams – Weldments in a Nutshell
  • Earl Hasz – Best Practices for Leveraging 3D CAD Data across the Enterprise
  • Earl Hasz – Create Eye-opening Sales and Marketing Content Using 3DVIA Composer
  • Earl Hasz – Managing 3DVIA Composer Content in Enterprise PDM
  • Ed Honda – Expanded Guide to Plastic Part Design 6.0
  • Ed Honda – Pocket Guide to Plastic Part Design 6.0
  • Edward Acheson – Linking ECAD and MCAD with the ProStep EDMD Format
  • Eric Leafquist – Introduction to SolidWorks Routing (TubingPiping ONLY)
  • Eric Leafquist – SolidWorks Large Design Review – Tips and Tricks
  • Frank Lindeman – Visual Basic(R) for Applications 7 Getting SolidWorks Macros Ready for 64-Bit
  • Frank Ruepp – Automate Your Design with Equations
  • Frank Ruepp – Sheet Metal for the Casual User
  • Gagan Ahuja – Managing Your Enterprise PDM Sites
  • Gary Masciadrelli – SolidWorks and the yyyyyReal Worldyyyyy Preparing Graduates for Industry
  • Greg Jankowski – CAD Managers Survival Guide
  • Hari Padmanabhan – Submodeling in SolidWorks Simulation
  • Howie Markson – Share Your Story in 3D
  • Ilan Madjar – Different Customization Approaches and Options for SolidWorks Enterprise PDM
  • Jaime Estevez – Design through Manufacturing Workflows That Reduce Cycle Times for Sheet Metal and Machined Parts
  • James Falconer – Extending Enterprise PDM beyond the LAN
  • James Lindsey – SigmaTUBE Generate NC Tube Cutting Code Inside SolidWorks
  • Jason Kerns – Automation Techniques the Good the Great and the Best
  • Jeff Barker – Kaos vs. Control the Use of Folder Templates in EPDM
  • Jeff Niederman – Large Assembly Performance Best Practices
  • Jeff Setzer – Optimizing Computer Systems for SolidWorks
  • Jeremiah Griffith – Data Management 101 for System Admins
  • Jeremiah Griffith – Property Tab Builder Is Your FRIEND
  • Jeremy Clark – IAW ASME Y14.5 – Use It Only If You Know It
  • Jerry Winters – Design with the API in Mind
  • Jim Boland – Animator vs. Composer – Which Should I Use to Create an Animation
  • Jim Boland – Multibody vs. Assembly Modeling Techniques
  • Jody Stiles – Patterning for the Masses
  • Joe Rowsey – Joes Hodgepodge
  • John Cochrane – Solid Surface…How Do I Choose
  • John Edrington – Tips and Tricks to Passing the CSWP Exam
  • John Ellsworth – Staying Productive with SolidWorks Learning Answers and Customization
  • John Ellsworth – The Next Generation of SolidWorks Community and Customer Content
  • John Van Engen – 30+ Things That YOU Definitely Missed from Essentials
  • John Van Engen – Upgrading to New Style Toolbox
  • John Wenzler – Machine Design Meets Mechatronics
  • Jordan Nardick – File Management for Beginners Tips for Small Companies
  • Jordan Tadic – Multibodies Are Better Than One
  • Jordan Tadic – Surfacing Tricks for Solid Modelers
  • Jose Pereiras – Discover Multicases Simulation from Real Customers
  • Josh Altergott – Allowing SolidWorks to Perform
  • Josh Altergott – How to Build and Maintain Effective Design Tables
  • Josh Spencer – DimXpert the Paper Slayer
  • Joy Garon – Whats New in SolidWorks Enterprise Data Management for 2013
  • Julien Boissat – Design Studies Optimization Simulation and Motion So Many Possibilities
  • JulienBoissat – SolidWorks Simulation – Concepts Tips and Tricks
  • Justin Lai – Preparing Young Inventors for Industry
  • Justin Webster – SolidWorks Integration Best Practices
  • Kapil Gaitonde – Design of Ventilation System for Basement Vehicle Parking
  • Keith Rice – The 99 Must-Know Members of the SolidWorks API
  • Keith Thompson – Making Animations Simple Not Simple Animations
  • Keith Vittitoe – Improve Design Re-use with SolidWorks PDM
  • Kenji Sato – Sketching Tips and Tricks
  • Ketul Patel – Product Marketing Communication with SolidWorks Tools
  • Kevin Berni – CAD Administrator Dashboard Use the Dashboard to Investigate Real Problems
  • Lars Christensen – Dumb Solids — Make Them Your Friend in SolidWorks
  • Laurent Igarza – CATIA(R) for Creative Designers 3D Pattern Mapping Methodology
  • Louis Feinstein – Introduction to SolidWorks Electrical
  • Louis Feinstein – Introduction to SolidWorks Electrical Products
  • Louis Feinstein – Introduction to SolidWorks Electrical Products
  • Louis Feinstein – Taking SolidWorks Electrical 3D to the Next Dimension
  • Marc Young – Exploring EPDM Tasks — Working with and Developing Tasks in EPDM
  • Mark Biasotti – Getting from Photo-real to Photographic with PhotoView
  • Mark Biasotti – Reverse Engineering Cloud Point Data to Manufacturable Surfaces Using SolidWorks
  • Mark Lyons – Advanced-Level DraftSight Hands-on Lesson
  • Mark Lyons – DraftSight Productivity Boosters
  • Marlon Banta – Introduction to SolidWorks Sustainability (Hands-on)
  • Marlon Banta – MoldToolDie 101 — SolidWorks SolidWorks Plastics SolidWorks Simulation SolidWorks Flow Simulation — Why What How
  • Marlon Banta – Using Configuration Publisher
  • Marvin Bowling – Integrating Industry in Classroom Projects
  • Matthew Cummins – High-Volume Design Customization at Quick-Crate(R)
  • Matthew Derov – Streamlining Product Development by Using CFD as a Design Tool
  • Matthew Lorono – Create yyyyySuperyyyyy Drawing Templates
  • Matthew Lorono – DimXpert(TM) and TolAnalyst(TM) — Tolerancing and Stack-up Analysis
  • Michael Newell – Experience Design Reuse Tools in Enterprise PDM
  • Mike Spens – Experience SolidWorks Enterprise PDM Administration and Configuration Tools
  • Mike Spens – Get Started with Visual Basic.NET Macros
  • Mike Zordan – Mass Customization Realized in SheetMetal Manufacturing – A Case Study
  • Nadia Shea – SolidWorks for Admins — Basics
  • Nate Andrews – Busting SolidWorks Myths
  • Nathan Dunn – Designing SMART Components
  • Nathan Gunderson – SQL for the Masses — Creating Queries for Enterprise PDM Report Generator
  • Nathan Gunderson – Whose Line Is It Anyway Parallel Approvals in SolidWorks Enterprise PDM
  • Neil utard – SolidWorks Drawings Tips and Tricks You Need to Know
  • Neil Custard – SolidWorks Parts and Assemblies – Tips and Tricks You Need to Know
  • Neil Custard – SolidWorks Tips and Tricks You Need to Know
  • Nicholas Benner – Design Automation for Today and the Future
  • Nikhil Kulkarni – Whats New in SolidWorks Drawings in Recent Years
  • Oboe Wu – 3DVIA Composer Hands-on Test Drive The Fundamentals
  • Omar Zohni – Connecting the Dots — Plastics Simulation Costing and Sustainability
  • Omar Zohni – Validating Dynamic Analysis
  • Patrick Rainsberry – An Overview of SolidWorks Design Automation
  • Patrick Rainsberry – Create Stunning Content in 3DVIA Composer
  • Paul McCrorey – Organic Surfacing in SolidWorks Using Subdivision Surface Modeling
  • Peter Fischer – Back Office Essentials
  • Peter Rucinski – Better Plastic Part Design Using SolidWorks Plastics
  • Phil Sluder – Fifteen Years of SolidWorks Tips and Tricks
  • Quinton Rocke – SolidWorks Utilities the Buried Treasure
  • Ramesh Lakshmipathy – Managing Simulation Data
  • Randy Simmons – Hands-on Introduction to SolidWorks Mold Tools
  • Rebekah Haag – Reduce Reuse Recycle Save Time by Automating Your Designs
  • Richard Eckenrode – 3D Model-based Definition and MIL-STD-31000
  • Richard Wand – Amusement Rides and SolidWorks SimulationMotion
  • Rick Hahn – Coordinating SolidWorks Design Projects with the Extended Enterprise
  • Rick Hahn – Enterprise Bill-of-Material Management for Products Designed with SolidWorks
  • Robert Jost – Changing the Game Introducing the New SolidWorks Intersect Feature
  • Robert Jost – SolidWorks Toolbox Setup and Use
  • Robert Jost – Working with Imported Geometry
  • Rob Rodriguez – PhotoView 360 2013 Whats New
  • Rob Rodriguez – PhotoView 360 Instant Images
  • Rodney Harper – Electrical Routing Hands-on
  • Ryan Dally – DriveWorks Express Essentials Hands-on Lab
  • Ryan King – Batch Printing from EPDM
  • Sal Lama – The Art of the Swoopy Part
  • Sandip Dumbare – Tools for Managing Large Assemblies
  • Scott Baugh – How to Create and Administer a SolidWorks Administrative Image
  • Scott Durksen – Think Differently — Multibody Techniques in SolidWorks 2013
  • Scott Hamilton – Dramatic Performance Increases Using SolidWorks 2013 with a Workstation
  • Shawn Knoepfli – Tools and Tricks for Advanced Assemblies
  • Shrikant Savant – Advanced Motion Simulation Techniques in SolidWorks
  • Stephen Combs – Consumer Products for Four-legged Consumers — Dog Toy Design
  • Stephen Endersby – Fluid Structural Analysis with SolidWorks Simulation
  • Stephen Endersby – Weldment Analysis and Submodeling with SolidWorks Simulation
  • Stephen Lapic – Using Templates to Improve Your Time Management and Error Rate
  • Susan Murphy – Setting a Sustainable Product Strategy with SolidWorks Sustainability
  • Tamar Shlasky – Implementing SolidWorks Enterprise PDM in a Complex Environment Including Migrating from Workgroup PDM
  • Terry Vasquez – CATIA(R) Composites Working with Carbon Fiber in a 3D World
  • Thomas Allsup – Hitchhikers Guide to GDT
  • Timothy Claridge – Using CircuitWorks(TM) to Bring PCB Designs into SolidWorks
  • Tim Paris – Composite Simulation 101
  • Tim Paris – These Are a Few of My Favorite Things
  • Tobias Schnaars – Driving Assembly Design Using Layout Sketches
  • Tod Cruikshank – Create Compelling 3D Documents
  • Tod Cruikshank – Interactive Tips and Tricks Sharing
  • Todd Blacksher – Sheet Metal Costing — Our Implementation
  • Tom Cote – API for the Beginner
  • Tommy Ray – Simple Steps to Creating Custom Templates and the Property Tab
  • Tom Siemaszko – The Ins and Outs of the SolidWorks Installation Manager
  • Tom Young – Are You Managing Your Large Assemblies Tricks to Managing Large Assemblies
  • Tony Eckersley – An Introduction to Simulating Fatigue
  • Tor Iveroth – Enterprise PDM SQL Server Performance Considerations
  • Tor Iveroth – Everything You Need to Know about SolidWorks Enterprise PDM Archives
  • Utpal Kumar – Library Features 101
  • Utpal Kumar – Sheet Metal Advance Techniques
  • Walt Bednarz – Project Management with Enterprise PDM
  • Wes Shimanek – Getting the Most from SolidWorks

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